Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Fun Game: Mad Books

For all of you voracious readers or word warriors like myself out there, here’s a game to wet your literary tastes. Last weekend my friend and I made up a fun game involving lots of books. First you select a genre, fiction or nonfiction. We chose a variety of fiction books–whatever we grabbed off the shelf–from Anna Karenina to Animal Farm, The Lord of the Rings, and Greek poetry. Then you pick a page and take turns reading a passage from the each book on that page. It could be a short quote or dialogue between characters, a description, a line, or a short paragraph. You take turns and keep it flowing in a continuous style until you’ve read a passage from the same page number in every book. The fun is trying to see if there are any running themes or surprising connections (a plot line?), which a few times there are! Oh, and the point is to be expressive in your reading, too. My friend loved the game because it involved reading literature. I loved it because I like to put words together and see what happens.

If you play, I want to know what crazy plot you come up with!

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