Friday, November 1, 2013

Quiet Writer by Day...Daring Dancer by Night

Without intending for it to be, she felt like it was her little secret, this separate world she belonged to and the range of emotions and experiences that came with it. Sure, she told her friends, coworkers and even strangers that she was a ballroom dancer, but on nights like this one, she felt that no matter how much she tried to explain in words, no one could begin to comprehend the world she inhabited here, nor how much it all meant to her.~

My last blog post was all about seeking out the real and tangible and engaging with the people around us. What better way to do this than through ballroom dancing? 

Being a ballroom dancer on the social scene for 13 years, I am passionate about the far-reaching benefits of dance. First off, it’s great exercise for your mind and your body, toning your core muscles and strengthening your arms, legs and feet. They even say ballroom dancing prevents Alzheimer’s disease because you are actively engaging both sides of your brain. Also, it teaches communication through body language and the complementarity of leading and following. I strongly believe ballroom dance is capable of enriching your relationships, and the ballroom community is a welcoming place where respect, understanding and etiquette are fostered. 

This December, I am graduating from Valley Social Ballroom Dance Teacher’s College after completing a year of study in the DVIDA Bronze Level American Smooth and Rhythm dances. My goal is to spread the joy of ballroom dancing to all ages and use it to enrich people's relationships. I hope to start teaching in the area, pursuing venues to teach  lessons, while especially welcoming young adults into this fun and dynamic community.  

Meanwhile, my home is becoming my personal practice studio, complete with a large mirror on one wall and a large, hardwood floor in my living room. Gracing the wall is a poster commemorating the Savoy Ballroom, "Home of Happy Feet," where many ballroom dances evolved. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to enrich your relationships, have fun and learn a new skill, ballroom dancing might be the answer! I encourage you to get out and try it.

“It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.” - Anonymous   

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